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Commercial Insurance – Lowering Your Risk Management

When you open a business venture, you invest a capital for the purpose of making profits through sales or services you provide.  Any type or form of business involves a lot of risks and that if you fail to evaluate some of these risks may cause you to lose money or worse – the closing […]

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Top 5 Retirement Myths

Planning for retirement is a topic that is not on the minds of many people because, well it is too boring. Some people would rather spend a 1 hour extra of their day in the gym working out or socializing than talking to a financial advisor about their retirement goals. In this article, we explore […]

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How to Train for your Career / Job Using Roth IRA Funds

With today’s down economy where there are fewer jobs and competition is more, what can do you if you lose your job? One thing many Americans are doing is going back to school! And for such people, there is good news. You can use money from your Roth IRA account to train for a new […]

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How to Better Understand Roth IRA Conversions

Roth IRAs and their sister retirement plans Roth 403b and Roth 401k offer oustanding retirement investing choices for American workers & savers. While most people have heard of these plans, they do not exactly know how to take advantage of them, or yet better understand them. This becomes even more difficult when an employee transitions […]

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Tax Saving Tips for IRA Investors – After Tax Contributions (Basis), Income in Respect of Descendent, 10% Excess Tax & Substantially Equal Periodic Payments (SEPPs)

Thousands of IRA investors miss out on important tax benefits each year because they are not familiar with the Tax Act and laws. Others make crucial errors when filing their tax returns. For instance, IRA investors may pay taxes on monies that should have been tax free or pay excise taxes on IRA distributions when […]

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Deducting Losses on Roth IRA Investments

It makes sense when we say that greater risk has the potential of yielding greater returns. If you do not want to take risk, you would invest your money in certificates of deposit or money market funds that provide a risk-free interest rate upon maturity. However, these interest rates are lower than the percentage returns […]

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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and Real Estate Investments

Many savers have the idea that if they invest their IRA savings into Real Estate, they will make good profits and increase their retirement savings ultimately. However, there are many pitfalls that could get you in trouble if you do not follow the IRA rules. Prohibited IRA Transactions Some specific investments are prohibited in IRAs. […]

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IRA Rollovers & Transfers: Similarities, Differences & FAQs

What’s the Difference between an IRA Rollover and IRA Transfer? An IRA Transfer is when the retirement assets of an individual are transferred from one financial institution (IRA Management & Investment Firms) to another, without the IRA owner taking ownership and risk of the assets. By Transferring their IRA Assets, IRA owners do NOT have […]

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Year End IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Statements

If you own a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, your IRA Administrator must mail you atleast one year end statement every year. The deadline for this statement is usually January 31st, of the following year. Some of the year end statements you should receive include: Fair Market Value (FMV) Statement IRS Form 1099-R IRS […]

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Roth IRA Contribution Limits & Individual(k) Limits for Self Employed People

The Roth IRA contribution limits for the years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 were greatly influenced by the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2002, which advocated for the increase in these Roth IRA contribution limits. A provision of the act known as the “Sunset Provision” made it official these that increases […]

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